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The Art of Sparkling, Share Your Inner Light With the World

By Becky Brittain, Ph.D.

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We are all made up of energy, and Becky Brittain’s fun and (de)light-filled book The Art of Sparkling, Share Your Inner Light With the World tells us how to use that energy to help ourselves and others.


A clinically trained psychotherapist, life coach and registered dance-movement therapist, Dr. Brittain’s passion is helping others shine more brightly. Sparkling is a transmission

of energies visualized as sparkling light. She sends out this radiant light through her fingers to intentionally enliven people, nature and animals.


The Art of Sparkling will energize and enliven you and everyone and everything around you. Here is what some of her fellow sparklers say about this effervescent light-filled energy exchange. As she says, it’s a dance in light! 


Ushma from England says: “There is an innate magic in every quanta that makes up all you perceive around you. That magic is inherent to the divine that you are. It is the sparkle factor—and when you observe as that divine Sparkler, you bring it to life, outside and in!”  


“Sparkling restores me when my emotional energies feel fragmented. I know I can replenish myself,” Jeanne from Missouri says. 


Christina from Connecticut adds, “Sparkling lets me shoot out golden bolts of electric light through my fingers to revitalize my world and charge up my work projects.”


Once you’ve read The Art of Sparkling, Share Your Inner Light With the World, you’ll be sparkling, too! 

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5 Star Review from New Age Books Review:

"I love how fun and creative the author is in sharing her gift with the reader in this book. She shares her own personal journey and lessons learned from many of her own teachers, which I found to be very inspiring and interesting.... [The Art of Sparkling] is a vibrant take and explanation of energy transference of love and light, making this book a must-read." — Shaman Vitki


The Art of Sparkling will take you into new horizons of who we are and how we can live, all together, as sparkling beings uplifting ourselves, the people around us and the world. You will discover your own masterful, sparkling Light in which you will dance brilliantly for yourself, your family and our world.” — Soleira Green, visionary and author, The Real Art of Transformation and other books
“From the first moment I met Becky, sparkling has been the word I use to describe her effervescent, twinkling essence. The Art of Sparkling is her unconditional loving gift. You will learn how to sparkle and share your special unique light and love in this magical way. You will also get to tag along with her in her life journey as she is inspired and blessed by moments with sparkling keepers. Enjoy, have fun, and share the light!” — Wendy Anne McCarty, Ph.D., author of Welcoming Consciousness: Supporting Babies Wholeness from the Beginning of Life
“Working as a healthcare professional in oncology can be really heavy and dark. Learning about sparkling made a noticeable difference in my shifts—patients' rooms felt brighter, lighter, clearer. This is so empowering for caregivers and nurses in taking care of others and themselves!”  — Maggie Compernolle, R.N.