LA Loyolan Interviews Rabbi Daniels Mysteries Author

Find out which real-life events have influenced this Weeping Willow author's mystery writing in the new article "11 Burning Questions with Rabbi Arthur Gross Schaefer." Schaefer is a professor at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. He's also an attorney, lawyer, and practicing Rabbi at a congregation in Montecito, California. And he's the author of two Weeping Willow mystery books: The Rabbi Wore Moccasins and The Rabbi Wore a Fedora. Click Here for the LA Loyolan Article Photo Courtesy Loyola Marymount University #ArthurGrossSchaefer #suegrafton #RabbiDanielsMysteries #rabbi #Judaism #mysteries

Coming Soon: Sharkbait in Paperback

Guy S. Clark's memoir Sharkbait: A Flight Surgeon's Odyssey in Vietnam has received tremendous feedback from readers all around the world since its publication last year. It is currently available in hardback and e-book versions. Due to the strong interest in this book, we've decided to give you a paperback version as well. Look for it this fall! In the meantime, enjoy the Sharkbait reviews on Amazon, and write your own! "The true-life story of a doctor who served in the Vietnam War, Sharkbait offers a vivid glimpse into violence, bravery, heroism, suffering, and death. Brutally honest and unfiltered, Sharkbait is unforgettable and a welcome contribution to military biography collections, hi

Girl Talk: Episode #2 with Eva Haller

Episode #2 of the podcast Girl Talk: Women, Aging and Sexuality is here! Join host Marcia Meier and her guest Eva Haller as Haller discusses sex and intimacy in her eighties, and how important it is to remember that it's always about love. Haller is a social, educational, and environmental philanthropist and social justice champion, who contributed an essay to the award-winning anthology Unmasked Women Write About Sex and Intimacy After Fifty. Listen to the captivating episode here: Are you part of the "invisible" half? Women over 50 virtually disappear in our youth-obsessed culture. But guess what? We still like sex. And we need to talk about it. Think of this podcast as your weekly dose of

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