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Four-year-old Kelly recently lost her dad. She confronts Mom one day, wondering why her mom told her he's in Heaven, but her friends told her he's dead. Mom does her best to explain that Daddy's body is gone, but she believes his spirit is in Heaven.

Kelly wants to know if Daddy can eat hotdogs in Heaven, and if she can go to Heaven to eat hotdogs with him, because that was their favorite food. Through the course of the day, Kelly and her mom stay busy—doing laundry, picking flowers in the garden, making hotdogs for lunch, having lemonade on the porch, and then going to bed. All the while they discuss the concept of death and memory, with Mom explaining that Kelly can always find her dad in her memories and in her heart.

Dr. Barry addresses a topic that will deeply resonate with families of young children who have lost parents, relatives, and other special people in their lives.

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