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Sharkbait, A Flight Surgeon's Odyssey in Vietnam

Sharkbait, A Flight Surgeon's Odyssey in Vietnam




In early 1966, a 28-year-old Air Force physician with a pilot's license received orders to go to Vietnam. It was exactly what Dr. Guy S. Clark had hoped for: a choice assignment as flight surgeon to the elite pilots based at Cam Ranh Bay Air Force Base on the South China Sea.

Those orders began a year-long assignment that would find Clark flying more than 90 bombing missions over Vietnam and Laos in the Phantom F4-C jet, plunging deep into the Viet Cong-infested jungle with a gaggle of Marines from the Republic of Korea in search of the remains of two lost Phantom pilots, and grappling with the reality of war as a patriotic "Son of the South."


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