Weeping Willow Books is an independent co-publisher. Our authors pay for printing and production, and Weeping Willow Books covers editorial, executive, administrative, basic marketing, and distribution services.


We pay a 60 percent royalty on net print and POD proceeds, as well as audiobooks. The royalty on ebooks is 65 percent to the author, 35 percent to the publishing house.


If you are interested in working with us, please send a book proposal (for nonfiction books) or query (for fiction).


Please put FICTION or NONFICTION with the title in the subject line and send an introductory email with your proposal.


Submissions should be emailed to

3463 State St., Suite 434
Santa Barbara, CA, 93105

Weeping Willow Books respects your privacy. We never sell or share your data. What's shared with Weeping Willow Books stays with Weeping Willow Books.