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The Rabbi Wore a Fedora

The Rabbi Wore a Fedora


Rabbi Elijah Daniels experiences more than a little anxiety when he agrees to step in for an injured colleague as chaperone/instructor to a group of evangelical students on a study tour of Germany. Uneasy in a nation that massacred more than six million Jews during World War II, he encounters more challenges than he bargained for.


The rabbi becomes the prime suspect in the murder of a Muslim woman who works for a mysterious institute in the historic building where he is staying.


A determined German police kommissar mean serious danger for Rabbi Daniels, who worries he might not be able to solve the mystery of the woman’s death before finding himself behind bars.


What does the secret group that meets on the institute’s second floor have to do with it? Could the young Arab woman’s murder have been an honor killing? And why is the rabbi being set up?


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