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Writing Through the Apocalypse, Pandemic Poetry and Prose

Marcia Meier, Editor











17.99 Print

3.99 Ebook

Writing Through the Apocalypse, Pandemic Poetry and Prose, is a collection of sixty-three essays and poems by writers from all over the world who have been writing together on Zoom every week since March 2020.


Contributors include: KM Bellavita / Jayne Benjulian / Toni Bixby / Valerie Anne Burns / Mattie Coll / Amanda Sue Creasey / Amy Elizabeth Davis / Melissa Face / Nina Gaby / Gretchen Gales / John Glanville / Juliana Lightle / Joan Mazza / Golnaz Montagné / Shauna Potocky / Tania Pryputniewicz / Lisa Rizzo / Barbara Rockman / Kathleen Roxby / Rhonda Seiter / Nancy A. Shobe / Patricia Smith / Laurna Strikwerda / Justine Sutton / Andrea van der Hoek / Claire Van Blaricum / Alenka Vrecek / Jamie Wallace /Julene Tripp Weaver / Kathryn Wood / Deborah Alston Wroblewski / George Yatchisin.


"When searching for tests tested my patience, I could take comfort in the cheerful curve of Molly’s tail, a curve which never flattened. When Zoom fatigue overwhelmed, her evening 'zoomies' around the house were reinvigorating. When Molly became ill and we realized there were no treatment options for her, my grief felt unprecedented."

—Andrea van der Hoek

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