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Looking for a good read?

Weeping Willow Books publishes fiction & nonfiction that entertains, informs and inspires. Pull up a chair, open a book and lose yourself with us.
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Merrill Williams

This memoir/genealogical exploration will delight and inspire you to dig into your own deeper roots. 


When she finds a box of old photos in her late mother's garden shed, author Merrill Williams decides to rekindle her interest in a search for her ancestors, which leads her down a path to discover not only who they were, but who she is.

When disillusioned businessman Billy Boustany stumbles upon the ability to slip into a surprising new version of his sleepy midwestern city, St. Louis, he begins a journey that is most fun he’s had in years—until it turns into an obsession that upends his life, his family, and everything he knows.

Looking for an escape from the troubles of his failing business, Billy discovers a teeming metropolis with iridescent skyscrapers and throngs of immigrants and tourists from all over the world. As he explores, he meets peculiar allies and experiences raucous celebrations. Billy questions his sanity as he struggles to make sense of this bizarre world. 


Billy also meets a formidable enemy – the Knights, a shadowy organization with a mission to keep people like him out of their world. When his daughter disappears at the hands of the Knights, Billy and his wife go on a frantic search to find her in the other city. It leads to heartbreak, then to a new beginning.

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Summer Writing Prompts

  • What can you no longer deny or unsee?
  • What if nothing is wasted? How would that understanding change how you move through the world?

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