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Weeping Willow Books publishes fiction & nonfiction that entertains, informs and inspires. Pull up a chair, open a book and lose yourself with us.
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Writing Through the Apocalypse, Pandemic Poetry and Prose, is our latest title, and we are ecstatic over it. Sixty-three poems and essays by 32 contributors from all around the globe, focused on getting through and surviving the COVID-19 pandemic.

We began this group soon after lockdown in March 2020, and have been writing together nearly every week since. Last summer I suggested perhaps we should do an anthology, and offered to edit and publish it. This book is the result. 


I'm incredibly proud of this book, and I invite you to partake of its many offerings and insights.

—Marcia Meier, Editor

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Covid-19. One lockdown, three years, a group of intrepid souls meeting every week to write together. 

The result: Aanthology featuring essays and poems by 32 exceptional contributors from around the world.

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Writing Prompts

  • What can you no longer deny or unsee?
  • What if nothing is wasted? How would that understanding change how you move through the world?
  • My mother always said...

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