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the Second edition of this award-winning novel is just out from Weeping Willow Books!

Sparks fly when Callie Winwood comes face-to-face with Will Tremaine, the man she fell in love with and thought she’d marry twenty-five years earlier. A chance encounter in a hospital emergency room reignites the feelings they have harbored for each other for more than two decades.

But their journey back to one another is anything but simple. In the two years since the death of his wife, Joanna, which he believes he caused, Will has devoted himself to caring for his young son and daughter.

A Foolish Consistency explores the dynamics of families in crisis and the emotional damage wrought by unacknowledged fear and grief. Yet it is also a passionate love story and a testament to the power of hope, the importance of forgiveness, and, ultimately, the joy of redemption.


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