Girl Talk's Latest Episode: Orgasm Equality with Professor Laurie Mintz

What's the orgasm gap? University of Florida human sexuality professor, author, therapist and feminist Laurie Mintz talks to author and publisher Marcia Meier about "Becoming Cliterate" and why and how women should seek "orgasm equality" with men. It's a podcast that will increase your cliteracy. Listen to "Girl Talk" on Spotify, or iTunes. #women #sexuality #girltalk #podcast #sex #LaurieMintz #marciameier

"Sharkbait" Released in Paperback

Contact: Marcia Meier, Publisher Weeping Willow Books “Sharkbait, A Flight Surgeon’s Odyssey in Vietnam” is now available in paperback from Weeping Willow Books. This memoir is based on detailed daily journal entries by Guy S. Clark, M.D., who served as a U.S. Air Force flight surgeon during the Vietnam War. In early 1966, Clark was a 28-year-old Air Force physician with a pilot’s license headed to Vietnam. It was exactly what Dr. Clark had hoped for: a choice assignment as flight surgeon to the elite pilots based at Cam Ranh Bay Air Force Base on the South China Sea. His tour of duty turned out to be nothing like he imagined. The year-long assignment would fin

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