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"Sharkbait" Author Interviewed on "Lessons of Vietnam" Webcast

Vietam veteran Guy S. Clark, M.D., was interviewed recently on the "Lessons of Vietnam" webcast hosted by Bill Dixon. Sharkbait, A Flight Surgeon's Odyssey in Vietnam," a memoir by Guy S. Clark, M.D., is gaining praise as a unique window into one of America’s most complex conflicts.

Clark was only 28 years old when he arrived in Vietnam in 1966 to serve as Flight Surgeon -- physician and copilot to the elite US Air Force pilots of Cam Ranh Bay.

He spent the next year flying more than 90 combat missions, on hospital duty tending to regular enlisted men, dealing with the aftermath of jet crashes, and at one point trekking into the jungle with Korean marines to retrieve colleagues shot down in enemy territory.

Clark kept extensive notes and journals and recently published his memoir, "Sharkbait, a Flight Surgeon's Odyssey in Vietnam" with Weeping Willow Books.

You can find out more about Clark and the book, including reviews and excerpts, at

Watch the interview online:

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