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'Unmasked' on Tour Kicks Off Powerful Conversations

At a spate of standing-room only readings, Unmasked: Women Write about Sex and Intimacy After 50 kicked off beautiful conversations with audiences in Taos, Santa Fe, Boulder, and Oakland this fall. Questions raised by men and women ranged from, “How exactly do we find and meet and revere one another?” to “Keep the stories coming! Can we find our way to the unscripted stories for lovers over 70?” Discussion focused on ways we can foster avenues for intimacy and how we can arrive at previously unimagined ways of connecting as we blossom into our later years. Audience members expressed gratitude for the anthology and the opportunity to converse with a focus on love and connection given the larger divisive conversation occurring in popular culture due to the MeToo Movement and the fallout from the recent Supreme Court hearing.

In “Nothing to Hide,” an article published in The Taos News by Laura Bulkin, Unmasked contributors revealed thoughts on their writing process. Santa Fe poet Barbara Rockman writes, “My contribution to the anthology surprised me," she said. "It is about the erotics of making art. It is especially about how women inspire other women in a passionate, sensual, bodily way to explore their wildest, most mysterious and unspoken truths and stories.”

Read the rest of Nothing to Hide.

Pictured are Unmasked co-editor and contributor Kathleen Barry, contributors Renata Golden, Lisa Rizzo, Barbara Rockman, Tania Pryputniewicz, and editor Marcia Meier at SOMOS in Taos, New Mexico

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