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The Rabbi Wore Moccasins

The Rabbi Wore Moccasins


Rabbi Elijah Daniels lives, works and bicycles in sunny St. Luke on California's Central Coast. Still reeling from the loss of his wife after decades of marriage, he's got a domineering secretary, a high-maintenance congregation and an extensive background in Jewish history, teachings and mysticism. And also a knack for wandering smack into the middle of a murder. Welcome to the Rabbi Daniels Mysteries, where the past is present and spirits never rest easy. 


Rabbi Elijah Daniels is invited to a Native American sweat lodge ceremony, where he meets and befriends the leaders of the nearby Antchu community. When a spiritual elder confesses to the murder of his wife, the tribe asks the rabbi, who is also an attorney, to take his case.


The rabbi's concern over the ethics of representing a confessed murderer fades when the evidence against the elder doesn't seem to add up.


Something's amiss, and the rabbi finds himself risking his reputation and even his life to find the truth.


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